Tampa, Florida 2013- BBC is working to capitalize a new technology platform and commercial real estate break-through, SiteZeus.

So much of a business’s success today depends on the real estate we decide to inhabit. For some businesses and concepts, specifically retail, real estate is the critical  component between success and failure. SiteZeus’s vision is to simplify the real estate selection process by incorporating fast, accurate, and powerful tools with processes that instill confidence to businesses conducting their search.

SiteZeus has redesigned the obsolete process of surveying demographics and entrusting a broker to make the right decision. By taking the many factors of real estate selection and incorporating them into to one streamlined process, SiteZeus is able to produce eye opening results and decision making analytics. Sitezeus strives to make the process as efficient, accurate, and and powerful as possible.

Baldwin Beach Capital founded SiteZeus in early 2013 with the mindset of changing the commercial real estate industry for the better, both for brokers and businesses.